Using Cutting Tools with Children

Using Cutting Tools with Children

Being able to cut and shape wood is a wonderful skill, whether you are cutting fire wood, making a gadget or carving something artistic.  In our society there is much fear associated with knives but in other cultures (and when I was a child) knives and other cutting tools are seen as useful tools and children become proficient with them from an early age.

This is a full day course covering the following

Choice of tools and materials
The best woods and the best tools for different jobs

Wood Saws
  • Different types of saw and blade
  • How to cut efficiently and safely
  • How to hold the wood in place
  • Cutting with a partner –adult or child

Splitting Tools
  • Safe and efficient use of splitting tools including bill hooks and knives
  • Using a cutting block 
  • This does not cover the use of axes

  • A basic knife skills class which will model a tried and tested method of teaching the skills safely to a wide variety of ages
  • Different types of knives
  • Staying safe
  • Efficient use of a bush craft knife
  • Carving techniques

  • A blunt tool is dangerous as you have to use more force to make it work.  However many people who own cutting tools are not sure how to maintain and sharpen them so this day includes...
  • How to sharpen and care for your knifes and other edged tools
  • Choosing the best sharpening tools for the job

Knives, saws and sharpening tools will be available to use and/or purchase

Who it's for

Forest School Leaders, Teachers and Outdoor enthusiasts


£70 per person for Forest School Association members (£80 for non members). A light lunch cooked on the fire is included and hot drinks will be available throughout the day. If you book more than one course you will get a £5 reduction on the second and a £10 reduction on the third.


Layer de la Haye. Colchester

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