Ropes, knots, tarps, swings and bridges

Ropes, knots, tarps, swings and bridges

This is the second in a series of three courses and covers the following
  • How to put up a rope swing quickly, safely and effectively without having to climb a tree.
  • Different types of ropes and their uses
  • Useful knots for tying rope to almost anything
  • Shelter designs using tarpaulins
  • Ways to hang a large tarpaulin for shelter – and do it quickly!
  • Lashings for joining wood together and making structures including tripods
  • Methods for tensioning ropes
  • Building a tensioned rope bridge between trees. 
Rope Swing kits and Rope Bridge kits will be available to use and/or purchase by those who attend the workshop.  

Who it's for

Forest School leaders, teachers and outdoor enthusiasts


The cost will be £70 per person for Forest School Association members (£80 for non members). A light lunch cooked on the fire is included and hot drinks will be available throughout the day. If you book more than one course you will get a £5 reduction on the second and a £10 reduction on the third


Layer de la Haye. Colchester

There are no scheduled ropes, knots, tarps, swings and bridges events. Get in touch if you're interested.
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